SmartMLS Commission Rules are now Easier for Short Sale Listings!

Posted on 13. Feb, 2018 by ctlms in Blog, My Blog, News, Real Estate, Short Sale

SmartMLS Rules and Regulations now allow agents to advise other agents how commission reductions would be handled.

SmartMLS rules and regulations "Section 7.1.0 Disclosure of Potential Short Sale. Participants may, but are not required to, disclose potential short sales to other participants and subscribers. When disclosed, participants may, at their discretion, advise other participants whether and how any reduction in the gross commission established in the listing contract, required by the lender as a condition of approving the sale, will be apportioned between listing and cooperating participants."

I recently reached out to MLS Compliance and confirmed that it is now allowed for agents to offer an actual % to co-broke on the MLS and describe how any reductions to commission required by the lender would be handled.

As an example;

Your listing could offer 2.5% to co-broke, check the box for Potential Short Sale and in the Short Sale Comments state something like "Any reduction in commission, required by the short sale lender, as a condition of the short sale approval, will be split 50-50".

NOTE THAT THIS IS JUST AN EXAMPLE.  Check with your broker or office manager for your company policy on this.  Also, note that I would suggest including the language in the Compensation Notes Section since it is right near the commission offered section on MLS printouts.

The update to these rules should no longer make it necessary to list short sales at $1 co-broke to protect against cuts required by the short sale lender.

Brokerages may want to review these rules and determine if updating their company policies is in order.

Sean Wilder

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