Short Sale Training Video Library

Posted on 13. Nov, 2018 by ctlms in Blog, Foreclosures, My Blog, News, Real Estate, Short Sale, foreclosure

View our 3-Hours of live short sale training videos.

In August 2018 we conducted a live 3-hour training event for all real estate professionals.  We had over 150 attendees including real estate agents, paralegals, attorneys and mortgage originators.  It was a great event.  Many people that wanted to attend were not able to do so due to other conflicts.

Well, we had the event professional recorded and broke down the event into 20 digestible video clips, organized by topic.  We've posted these videos on our website and our Facebook page.  You can click here to view the videos on our Facebook page or click the Videos tab at the top of the page to view them here on our website.

Sean Wilder

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