Short Sale Licensing Update 10-29-09

Posted on 29. Oct, 2009 by ctlms in Short Sale, foreclosure

License # 27332

So the day has finally come. As of 10-28-09 we have finally received our Debt Negotiators License from the CT Dept of Banking. 4 Weeks and 1 day after applying and many, many duplicate and "revised" documents later.

A list of licensed Debt Negotiation Companies can be found at the CT Dept of Banking Website by clicking Here.

The Banking Dept has also finally posted a list of frequently asked questions and their answers at FAQ.  Important answers and clarifications that have until now, not been in writing.

Now that this licensing ordeal is finally over, we can get back to work in full swing.  Many of you know that we have had to delay taking on any new clients during this process to avoid violating the new law.

Unfortunately the state was not prepared to issue licenses by the Oct 1 deadline when the new law went into affect.  But that is all moot now.

Our application was the first in and thus the first approved.  As of today, we are the only licensed Debt Negotiation firm in CT.

Check out our Website at for more information about our services.

So look forward to my future email tips and tricks related to short sales and pre-foreclosure in CT.

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