Short Sale Tip 7-5-10

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Does the seller sign the contract before bank approval?

I have heard this question a ton of times and have seen agents argue over it.

The answer is always YES!

Let's look at the issue.

1. There is no Contract until the Offer is signed.  So if the buyer's offer is never signed, there is no binding contract holding the buyer to the purchase or the seller to the sale.  This means the buyer has not deposited an earnest money check and can walk at any point.  This also means the seller is free to accept any other offers that come in without first having to be released from the original buyer.  Not a smart thing for either party.

2. More importantly, most lenders will not accept an offer.  There must be a fully executed contract.  Many of the larger lenders such as Wells Fargo and Bank of America even require closing date extensions and other addenda to the contract and the dates must always be current.  So if something expires, it must be updated with an addendum or the short sale review stops.  Going even further, some lenders even want to see a copy of the earnest money check.  The requirements are getting more and more thorough.

In summary, Yes the contract must be signed.  It makes sense for both the seller and the buyer and with very few exceptions, the lender will require it anyway.

Sean Wilder

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