Brokers Only: Loss Mitigation and Short Sale Update 9/21/18

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Upcoming Loss Mitigation/Short Sale update/Traning for Brokers at GHAR 9/21/18 9:30am to 11:30am

This training is for Brokers and Office Managers and will be held at the GHAR offices 430 New Park Avenue Suite 202 Hartford, CT 06106

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Topics will include

  1. Current state of short sales & what the future looks like
  2. Debt Negotiation companies must be licensed and where to check
  3. Ask for references or ask for 3rd party verification of Debt Negotiator
  4. Liability concerns, Check your E&O
  5. Privacy of Client information
  6. As always, the agent is not an expert, and don’t try to be
  7. Why Dual Agency is a bad idea on a short sale
  8. Why it is crucial to research the situation at the beginning
    1. Who is the mortgage servicer
    2. Who is the investor
    3. Are there other liens
    4. Are there other title issues
  9. MLS and Co-Broke Commission suggestions
  10. Handling multiple offers
  11. Concerns for vacant short sale listings
  12. Q&A

Space is limited so register early.

Sean Wilder

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