Will the REAL Loss Mit Services Please Stand Up?

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Our company Loss Mit Services and Sean Wilder is not the same as Loss Mitigation Services, LLC out of Massachusetts.

Over the last couple years, I have heard several times that agents have been contacted by another company with a very similar company name trying to solicit the agent to hire them to negotiate the agent's short sale listing.  In some instances, the agent believes that the company they were speaking with was Loss Mit Services and that Sean Wilder would be negotiating their short sale.

I have been told that when directly asked if Sean Wilder is with the company, the question is either deflected or a vague answer is given.  I have even worked with an agent that came to me, months after starting work with this other company, not realizing that she was not working with us.  After months of not hearing from me, or being able to speak with me, she realized she was not working with me.  At that time, she reached out to me and upon researching the file, we learned it was now too late as foreclosure was imminent. This is very disheartening.

I do not know how many other instances like this are out there.  But I have heard enough stories to know there are plenty.

My staff and I have worked very hard over the last 12 years to maintain a superior image of competence and professionalism.   I am not one to meddle in other people's businesses and have chosen not to address this issue for quite some time in order to "stay out of other people's business".  I honestly regret to even have to address this issue.

Today I learned that this company has been Charged in Massachusetts for crimes related to their short sale business.  So I need to make it clear that there is no relation between us and this company in Massachusetts.    Below are links to two articles related to the pending charges.

Housing Wire Article

Banker & Tradesman Article

We pride ourselves on our ethics, morals and professionalism and I need to make it clear that we are in no way associated with this company or their acts.

Your comments or experiences on this matter are welcome.  Thank you

Sean Wilder

Short Sale Training Video Library

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View our 3-Hours of live short sale training videos.

In August 2018 we conducted a live 3-hour training event for all real estate professionals.  We had over 150 attendees including real estate agents, paralegals, attorneys and mortgage originators.  It was a great event.  Many people that wanted to attend were not able to do so due to other conflicts.

Well, we had the event professional recorded and broke down the event into 20 digestible video clips, organized by topic.  We've posted these videos on our website and our Facebook page.  You can click here to view the videos on our Facebook page or click the Videos tab at the top of the page to view them here on our website.

Sean Wilder

Loss Mit Services


What is a Short Sale?

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In this segment, we explain the basic explanation of what a short sale is.