Our services provide many benefits to you, the foreclosing lender.  Often, any and all parties involved with the sale of a property (agents, attorneys, buyer, seller, etc) don’t know what a short sale is, much less how to do one, and even less likely…all the intricate details that go along with them. Working together with our company on a common goal and being part of a team that has successfully completed over 500 short sales has a lot to offer your negotiators, your shareholders and your institution. Our company will bring the experience and useful resources to the table that are necessary to get the results that will end in a win-win for all parties involved.

How does a short sale benefit me?

There are many benefits and services that we offer to you, the foreclosing lender; however the obvious benefit is that we get the property sold for you.  We handle all of the legal aspects of the short sale and settlement process, including any negotiations with other lien holders involved with the property.  We’ll provide clear title for a successful transaction, as well as prescreen all incoming buyers to make sure they’ll be able to get qualified to purchase the property.

For starters, we’ll make sure that the short sale package you receive is complete and professionally put together, so that you don’t have to waste time trying to figure out what you’ve been sent.  We’ll also bridge the gap between you and the homeowner, so you don’t have to make endless calls that lead nowhere since the homeowner will most likely not answer your calls.  In addition to opening a line of communication between you and the homeowner, we also will have open lines of communication with the Real Estate Agents and Attorneys.

Above all, know that we are working for you to try and recover as much of your debt as the local market will allow!