Home Owners

Short sales can be stressful and a time-consuming process! But in many cases they will be necessary in order to get you out from under your mortgage debt, especially with property values declining like they are. By doing a short sale, you will be able to take a huge load off of your shoulders and it will allow you to move on with your lives!

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Real Estate Agents

In today's economy, the vast majority of properties will likely require a short sale. We are very aware of this and are able to help! We will discount your clients’ mortgage debt down with their respective lender(s) and make room for you to sell your over-debt property and successfully receive your well deserved commission!

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As attorneys, you will likely have many people coming to your office looking for solutions to their foreclosure problems. After all, you have quite a bit of credibility when it comes to things like this and so chances are you will meet several distressed homeowners willing to pay you to help them. Chances are; you may already have dozens or hundreds coming to you as you read this. If you feel overwhelmed, don’t dismay! We can help!

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There are probably many of you out there who have the knowledge of how to do a short sale, or would like to learn more about them, but lack certain key resources. There are also some of you who may have resources but lack the knowledge, and would like to work some short sales. We’re the place to come to! We can provide not only the knowledge (with over 1,000 short sales completed!), but also the resources, such as the ability to fund out a deal, access to attorneys and real estate agents, and direct contact information and intimate knowledge of how the short sale process works.

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If you have ended up here you are most likely wondering what exactly we do, and how it benefits you, the foreclosing lender. Our services provide many benefits to you, the foreclosing lender. Often times, any and all parties involved with the sale of a property (agents, attorneys, buyer, seller, etc) don’t know what a short sale is, much less how to do one, and even less likely… all the intricate details that go along with them.  That's where we come in.

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Home Buyers

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